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Five tips to ensure a memorable wedding day

Everybody wants a memorable wedding day !!

And everyone needs a little help when it comes to wedding ideas to ensure their big day is a memorable one. Sadly one consideration in planning is often cost, so if we can incorporate a few free tips into planning the big day and still make it the most memorable day ever then all the better.  Whilst there are many other tips and tricks here are  my five free and simple tips you can do to ensure your big day is memorable.

1. Plan to a T prior to the big day.

Prior planning prevents disappointment. There are so many wedding website checklists to use, some are crazy but you can use them as a guide to make sure that you have thought of absolutely everything. The more planning you do prior to the day the less chance there is of things doing wrong on the day. The bridal guide website has a good wedding check list [Click Here].

2. Don’t stress the small stuff on the big day.

Many weddings have been ruined by stress on the day. Letting stress get the better of you can certainly ruin your day. You and your guests should be celebrating your special day and having a stressed bridal party is not going to create a memorable day. Stress is often due to lack of planning, so like I noted in my first point plan to a T prior to the big day and on the day accept you have done your best, not everything will go to plan –  just go with the flow.

3. Always have a wet or horrible weather plan.

As much as we would love the weather to be perfect, sometimes mother nature has other plans. Whilst not always free make sure you always have a backup plan ready just in case. Be sure to liaise with your celebrant, photographer, venues, etc. prior to the day with regards to plan B as they have all had experience with alternate planning and may be able to offer some very useful advice or alternative options.

4. Want your wedding day photos to be perfect?

Have your celebrant request (at your request) that everyone turns off their mobiles and personal cameras and put them away before the bride arrives and just enjoy the ceremony. Photographers can be expensive and having 100’s people with mobiles and cameras in their hands makes their job harder, and it also doesn’t look great in your wedding photos. Let everyone know that there will be many photo opportunities throughout the day.

5. Beautiful new heals.

As a wedding celebrant I have seen many brides and grooms in pain and hobbling around with blisters. It is a long day, and you are the star of the day, so there is no hiding. Make sure you wear in your shoes by wearing them around at home for a few weeks leading up to the big day!  Eliminating this simple thing from your list of worries is certainly going to allow you to relax and make it a more memorable day for you and everyone else around you.


With 10 years experience your going to be well looked after with Emma as your celebrant. Even if your not ready to commit to a celebrant just yet contact Emma for a obligation free chat to see if she is the perfect fit for your big day.

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